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[21.05. 2017] :: EXCUSE!!!
We apologize for not updating our website !!! They are under construction. If you have any questions, you can write to us! Thank you for understanding !!!
[31.12. 2016] :: 31.12.2016 - Happy New Year 2017
Obrázek k článkuall the best for all our friends and their cat darlings.
[26.12. 2016] :: 24.12.2016 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
Obrázek k článkuI wish you all my dear friends, and your beautiful Birman
darlings Merry Christmas time and into the new year 2017 all
the best, especially good health and happiness. I also wish
for all of us that there is no violence and we could live in
peace !!! smilie for :)
[17.09. 2016] :: 7.9.2016 - my sweet queen Ramemaid has babies - litter W2
Obrázek k článkuToday after midnight gave birth my queen Ramemaid her this year´s babies. The birth was quick and everything went well. Beborn fout sweet Birman girlies with birth weight of 100 grams, 106 grams, 100grams and 98 grams. Everybody´s fine. Ramemaid is experienced and happy mother. Proud father is our boy Marco Polo smilie for :)
[07.09. 2016] :: 31.8.2016 - My sweet Alice has babies - litter V2
Obrázek k článkuOn Wednesday my blue queen Alice gave birth to four healthy babies, these kittens are the first since my boy Xiro. Happy mother and her babies are very well smilie for :)
[27.08. 2016] :: 27.8.2016 - Please help - we looking for a new home!!!
Obrázek k článkuThis is a four-year-neutered boy and girl breed of Birman. In a family where they lived, appeared serious illness, and the family they must with a heavy heart say goodbye.
Tomcat is the color lilac and girlie seale, both are with pedigree, both are castrated and both come from my cattery. They are used to each other from the kittens and both are very nice and calm. They are healthy, vaccinated, wormed, very clean and very well maintained. They are accustomed to the kids and the dog, but so happy to be with older people, or a lonely person who can give them the necessary love and care [ more]
[12.08. 2016] :: 3.8.2016 - my darling Uer-Nara has babies - litter U2
Obrázek k článkuOn Wednesday 3 August before noon gave birth my princess Uer-Nara her babies. The birth was very quick and everything went well. During 25 minutes they were born four beautiful healthy Birman babies. Mother and her babies are well. My darling Uer-Nara is good and caring mother from the first moment. Proud father is our seal boy Marco Polo smilie for :)
[24.07. 2016] :: 15.7.2016 - my lovely girl Xonsu Queen has babies - litter T2
Obrázek k článkuToday early morning gave birth my dear Xonsu Queen her this year´s babies. The birth was quick and everything went well. She gave birth three sweet babies, one boy and two girls. Everybody´s fine. Xonsu Queen is experienced and happy mother. Proud father is our boy Marco Polo.
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