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Our cattery cooperate with cattery von Freitag.

We are a breeding cattery focusing on Sacred Birman, our cattery is member of FIFé organization.

I live with my husband, our Birman cats and one outdoor cat Mici, which we "inherited" wuth the purchase of our house, and one outdoor young dog-girl of German Shepherd named Honey. Honey we buy, so she protect us all. We live in the Czech Central Mountains, near smaller town Lovosice, located on north of Czech republik on riverside of Elbe and not too far from regional city Usti nad Labem.

All our cats and Honey too are more than animals for us, they are our „children“ since our three children left to live their own life...
All our cats are very cherished members of our family. They are raised in all our home with lots of love and much attention. They living really very pampered life. They are lawful members of our family!

Our Birmans have everything what can make their life more comfortable, nicer and secured as well. It is matter of course, that all our cats have great veterinary care, and all of home comfort and convenience, such best for such the cat´s personalities. We place great emphasis on their quality and balanced food, fed only the highest quality kinds of superpremium granulated feed with a high proportion of meat. Furthermore, high-quality canned food, supplemented with quality vitamin supplements and a high-quality beef, rabbit, chicken or fish meat.

Each of our cats have kittens than once a year, and our males we admit only to our cats. Our goal is to breed cats, not only at shows and breeding success, but mostly healthy, fully socialized and with best Birman cuddly character. The health of our cats we truly great emphasis, all of our breeding females and males are tested for disease PKD (genetic test), FeLV and FIV, and those who are old enough are also echocardiographic screening for HCM disease. Kittens we breed of parents tested negative. All of our breeding females and males are also genetically tested blood group.

Finally, we recently managed to make our plans more suitable to buy a house near our former residence, where we and our animal darlings will be better and will give us all more options. The inner part of the reconstruction we have done here so we can live comfortably, even though we are still waiting for a lot of work, but we are looking forward to it all and still working out how and what to rebuild and improve, we feel that all the best. The house we have a large courtyard and garden, so there really is for all of us many options and it's beautiful around here, made a beautiful Czech Central Mountains.