Laty Mery Birmans

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Conditions of sales:

Cattery could reject to sell kitten or neutered cat, if they finds or assume that the buyer is not able to take good care of the kitten or neutered cat.
available the kitten is available to sale, persons concerned are welcome
option the kitten is advance reserved, but isn´t settled advance on a price, isn´t signed purchase contract, we record another interested persons
reserved the kitten is reserved, on the kitten is payment advance on a price, but interested person can change one´s mind yet
sold the kitten is sold, purchase price is settled, eventually is signed purchase contract also

We breed Birmans because we really very love them and not to make money!!! All of our cats and kittens are very cherished members of our family. They are raised in our home with lots of love and very much attentation, they living really very pampered life. Our kittens are available only for lovely home!!! All our kittens growing up in our loving family environment and are fully socialized, learned to hygiene, they are very affectionate and contact. We are not incurious about living conditions where a kitten is going to live so we stipulate to have a chance possible visit and to be kept informed. As well as we offers a possible support and advise to a new breeder or an exhibitor.
The prospective owner we require personal contact if possible.
The kittens leave cattery not earlier than 14–16 weeks after born. This allows the kittens more time to complete the socialization and be weaned from their mummy. Thus, we also have plenty of time to complete the vaccination at the appropriate age kitten, for example, when a kitten long drink only breast milk and therefore has a high antibody titer, which is not yet the time for his vaccination. We prefer natural weaning kittens by their mother!
All our kittens are breed in according with breeding regulations of Czech Association Breeders of cats. We breed kittens only with pedigree. The future owner will receive the purchase contract of kitten, pet passport, pedigree and larger equipment for kitten.When selling a kitten as a pet (pet quality) a buyer receives an pedigree in copy. The original of pedigree the owner should send to buyer after the owner receives a castration confirmation not later than in 1 year old of kitten.
Kittens have a good veterinary care congenitally and when selling they pass proper dehelminthization, vaccination and get a chip when kitten is for breeding. We requests to stay in a contact with a buyer and receive information about healthy conditions of kitten. In case the owner receives a notification that kitten is neglected or even abuse, owner has a legal rights to get a kitten back. In case of buyer`s interest to sale a kitten a buyer is obliged to inform owner about it.
Our kittens are available only for lovely home!!!
We doesn’t sale kittens for further sale which is line with a contract. Also the owner doesn’t sale them to people who buys kittens only for a profit from sales and think that a cat is a good revenue earner only!!!